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Earrings Your Way

Earrings Your Way If you see earrings on this site that you would like to order but would rather they were assembled differently, in a different color or this bead with that metal, you are invited to request your very own custom earrings, YOUR WAY! Send me an email describing your request in detail; but remember - you must find all the components on this website.

Please understand that this is an invitation to have me re-arrange the beads and findings I already have in stock - not an invitation to send me shopping for beads you are imagining.

Assuming I am able, I will re-arrange the components “your way” and post the finished earrings to “Your Way Lane” (below) for your review and consideration. If you like them you can add them to your shopping bag and check out. If not, you are not obligated to buy. The new design will be named after you (first name only) and the price will be adjusted only for the components added to or omitted from the new design.

I can't always do what you have in mind, so it is important that you email me your request first. (Please don't put the wrong earrings in your cart and check out with a note to re-design.)

Custom earrings aren't eligible for return or promotional discounts and I can't always promise next day shipping but don't be shy - It's fun to re-design the earrings Your Way!

03-04-2011 Cathy's Team Bling
Retail Price: $29.99

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