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Crystal Beaded Earrings

Crystal Beaded EarringsFabulous Beaded Crystal Earrings for all occasions!

Austrian Swarovski Crystal is well known for its superior sparkle, extensive color selection, collectability and precision cut. Some crystals have a coating (AB or Aurora Borealis) that gives additional sparkle with a rainbow effect.

An extra thick coating (AB2X or more) will result in a "Peacock" (mostly greens and pinks) or a "Bermuda Blue" (mostly shades of purple, blue and pink) effect, depending on the color of the original crystal. See more Swarovski Crystal Earrings under Christmas and Valentine's Day Earrings.

If you've never treated yourself to crystal earrings you're really missing something! Crystal Earrings can be worn with everything from formals to jeans and you'll feel as stunning as they are when you wear them.

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