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Gift Box
Cardboard Gift Box With Cotton & Ribbon
Hinged Leatherette Earring Gift Box

Gift Cards
Birthday Gift Cards
Birthday Balloon Gift Card $25
Birthday Balloon Gift Card $30
Birthday Balloon Gift Card $40
Birthday Cupcake Gift Card $25
Birthday Cupcake Gift Card $30
Birthday Cupcake Gift Card $40
Birthday Gift Card $25
Birthday Gift Card $30
Birthday Gift Card $40
Christmas Gift Cards
Santa Gift Card $25
Santa Gift Card $30
Santa Gift Card $40
Christmas Cookies Gift Card $25
Christmas Cookies Gift Card $30
Christmas Cookies Gift Card $40
Christmas Bells Gift Card $25
Christmas Bells Gift Card $30
Christmas Bells Gift Card $40
Congratulations Gift Cards
Well Done Gift Card $25
Well Done Gift Card $30
Well Done Gift Card $40
Congrats Gift Card $25
Congrats Gift Card $30
Congrats Gift Card $40
You Rock Gift Card $25
You Rock Gift Card $30
You Rock Gift Card $40
Hanukkah Gift Cards
Hanukkah Gift Card $25
Hanukkah Gift Card $30
Hanukkah Gift Card $40
Menorah Gift Card $25
Menorah Gift Card $30
Menorah Gift Card $40
Dreidel Gift Card $25
Dreidel Gift Card $30
Dreidel Gift Card $40
Thinking of You Gift Cards
Sunshiny Day Gift Card $25
Sunshiny Day Gift Card $30
Sunshiny Day Gift Card $40
Thinking of You Gift Card $25
Thinking of You Gift Card $30
Thinking of You Gift Card $40
Treat Yourself Gift Card $25
Treat Yourself Gift Card $30
Thinking of You Gift Card $40
Valentine's Day Gift Cards
Valentine's Day Gift Card 1 $25
Valentine's Day Gift Card 1 $30
Valentine's Day Gift Card 1 $40
Valentine's Day Gift Card 2 $25
Valentine's Day Gift Card 2 $30
Valentine's Day Gift Card 2 $40
Valentine's Day Gift Card 3 $25
Valentine's Day Gift Card 3 $30
Valentine's Day Gift Card 3 $40


Add-A-Bead Earrings
Black Crystal Large Hole Beads
Black Crystal Large Hole Bead Earrings
Blue Cloisonne Large Hole Beads
Blue Cloisonne Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Add-A-Bead Components on Hooks
Add-A-Bead Components on Leverbacks
Add-A-Bead Components on Posts
Add-a-Bead Components on Half Ball Clip-ons
Blue Crystal Large Hole Beads
Blue Crystal Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Aqua and Yellow Large Hole Beads
Aqua Glass Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Cherry Blossom Large Hole Porcelain Beads
Cherry Blossom Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Fancy Blue Glass Large Hole Beads
Fancy Blue Glass Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Fancy Pink Floral Large Hole Beads
Fancy Pink Floral Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Floral Porcelain Large Hole Beads
Floral Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Gold Crystal Large Hole Beads
Gold Crystal Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Green Cloisonne Large Hole Beads
Green Cloisonne Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Green Crystal Large Hole Beads
Green Crystal Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Green and Yellow Crystal Large Hole Beads
Green and Yellow Crystal Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Orange Swirl Large Hole Glass Beads
Orange Swirl Large Hole Beaded Glass Earrings
Pink Cloisonne Large Hole Beads
Pink Cloisonne Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Pink Crystal Large Hole Beads
Pink Crystal Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Pink Flower Power Large Hole Beads
Pink Flower Power Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Red Crystal Large Hole Beads
Red Crystal Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Turquoise Crystal Lage Hole Beads
Turquoise Crystal Large Hole Beaded Earrings
Add-A-Bead Components on Hypoallergenic Hooks
Add-a-Bead Components with Pierced-Look Clipons

Ceramic Beaded Earrings
01-01-100 Navy Moon & Stars Beaded Earrings
01-01-300 Pastel Ceramic Beaded Earrings with Crystals
01-01-500 Blue & White Oval Porcelain Beaded Earrings
01-01-600 Turquoise Beaded Earrings, Bug Drop
01-01-610 Chunky Rectangle Ceramic Beaded Earrings
01-01-620 Chunky Disc Ceramic Beaded Earrings
01-01-630 Chunky Ceramic Green Beaded Earrings , Chunky Cube & Ball
01-01-640 Chunky Gray Beaded Donut Earrings
01-01-650 Art Nouveau Porcelain Beaded Earrings, blue/green
01-01-670 Art Nouveau Porcelain Beaded Earrings, red/green
01-01-680 Brown Ceramic Beaded Tube Earrings

Cloisonne Beaded Earrings
02-01-100 Cloisonne Earrings, Blue & Green
02-01-110 White Cloisonne Beaded Teardrop Earrings
02-01-120 Yellow Cloisonne Earrings
02-01-130 Fancy Fish Cloisonne Earrings
02-01-200 Black Floral Cloisonne Earrings
02-01-210 Black Drum Cloisonne Earrings
02-01-220 White Drum Cloisonne Earrings
03-01-140 Red Teardrop Cloisonne Earrings
02-01-300 Orange & Turquoise Cloisonne Earrings
02-01-400 Mini Orange & Turquoise Cloisonne Earrings
02-01-420 Silver Cloisonne Earrings, Royal Rondel
02-01-500 White Floral Cloisonne Earrings
02-01-520 Red Floral Cloisonne Earrings
02-01-600 Cloisonne Earrings, Small Green Floral
02-01-610 White Floral Cloisonne Earrings
02-01-620 Green Floral Cloisonne Earrings
02-01-630 Blue Floral Cloisonne Earrings
02-01-640 Red Cloisonne Earrings
02-02-100 Cloisonne Earrings, Raised Floral Diamond
02-02-300 Cloisonne Earrings, Fancy Blue Donut
02-02-350 Cloisonne Earrings, Fancy White Donut
02-02-360 Aqua Crystal & Cloisonne Earrings
02-02-370 Chili Pepper Crystal & Cloisonne Earrings
02-02-380 Sapphire Blue Cloisonne Earrings
02-02-400 Vermeil Cloisonne Earrings
02-02-410 Flower Cloisonne Earrings
02-02-420 White Cloisonne Cone Earrings
02-02-430 Black Cloisonne Tube Earrings
02-02-440 Red & Blue Patriotic Cloisonne Earrings
02-02-450 Green & Gold Cloisonne Earrings
02-02-460 Black Cloisonne Teardrop Earrings
02-02-470 White Oval Cloisonne Earrings
02-02-480 Yellow Cloisonne Teardrop Earrings
02-02-491 White Cloisonne Cross Earrings
02-02-495 Blue Cloisonne Saucer Earrings

Crystal Beaded Earrings
03-04-090 Red Crystal Earrings, Leaf Drop
03-04-092 Blue Crystal Earrings, Star Drop
03-04-100 Purple Violet Crystal Beaded Earrings
03-04-150 Bermuda Blue Crystal Beaded Earrings
03-04-175 Swarovski Crystal Chain Drop Earrings
03-04-200 Red Magic Swarovski Crystal Beaded Earrings
03-04-250 Champagne Disco Crystal Beaded Earrings
03-04-275 Indigo Artemis Crystal Beaded Earrings
03-04-280 Siam Red Crystal Beaded Earrings, Chain Drop
03-04-285 Red Crystal Beaded Earrings, Teardrop
03-04-300 Emerald Green Swarovski Crystal Beaded Earrings, Lolly-Drop
03-04-310 Emerald Green Swarovski Crystal Beaded Earrings, Fern Drop
03-04-350 Swarovski Crystal Beaded Earrings & Tassels
03-04-375 Sun Flower Swarovski Crystal Beaded Earrings
03-04-425 Emerald Green Crystal Beaded Earrings, Floral Tear Drop
03-04-462 Rose Crystal Drop Earrings
03-04-740 Black Crystal Beaded Earrings, Tear Drop
03-04-747 Tiffany Bell Flower Crystal Earrings
03-04-750 Purple Crystal Beaded Earrings, Tiffany Mini
03-04-755 Red Crystal Beaded Earrings, Tiffany Mini
03-04-760 Black Crystal Beaded Earrings, FancyTear Drop
03-04-765 Red Crystal Marguerite Beaded Earrings
03-04-778 Pink Crystal Earrings, Chain Drop Cubes
03-04-782 Pink Crystal Beaded Earrings, Rose Teardrop
03-04-786 Aqua Crystal Beaded Earrings, Tear Drop
03-04-790 Swarovski Crystal Beaded Earrings, Sapphire Blue Sparklers
03-04-795 Swarovski Crystal Beaded Earrings, Mini Sapphire Sparklers
03-04-800 Stretched Jet Swarovski Crystal Beaded Earrings
03-04-810 Capri Blue Swing, Swarovski Crystal Beaded Earrings
03-04-820 Elegant Crystal & Enamel Flower Earrings
03-04-830 Peridot Crystal Flower Earrings
03-04-835 Hot Pink Crystal Flower Earrings
03-04-840 Aqua Crystal Flower Earrings
03-04-850 Multi-stone Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings
03-04-870 Sapphire Crystal Heart Earrings
03-04-875 Black Crystal Beaded Earrings, Cone and Teardrop
03-04-885 Fall Fantasy Crystal Beaded Earrings
03-04-890 Swarovski Sparkle Emerald Earrings
03-04-896 Apricot Cone Crystal Earrings
03-04-900 Aqua Teardrop Crystal Earrings
03-04-906 Cobalt Cone Crystal Earrings
Green Crystal Dangle Earrings
03-04-920 Red Teardrop Swarovski Crystal Beaded Earrings
03-04-930 Long Indigo & Red Crystal Beaded Earrings
03-04-935 Black Crystal Earrings

Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-055 Ocean Breeze Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-066 Going Native Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-075 Blue Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Empress Capri
03-04-110 Purple Passion Crystal Earrings
03-04-170 Brown Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-171 Turquoise Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-085 Pink Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Filigree Fuchsia
03-04-224 Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Burgundy-Blue
03-04-230 High Tide Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-299 Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Olivine-Chili Pepper
03-04-324 Lilac-Velvet Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-349 Pink & Blue Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-385 Red Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Keepsake Minuet
03-04-390 Black Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Keepsake Minuet
03-04-405 Fern Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-410 Smoked Topaz Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-415 Indicolite Blue Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-420 Siam Red Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-399 Blazing Fireopal Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-730 Red & Black Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-745 Purple Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Violet & Velvet
03-04-770 Swarovski Crystal Earrings, Fancy Keepsake
03-04-772 Capri Blue Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Fancy Keepsake
03-04-774 Pink Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Fancy Keepsake
03-04-776 Siam Red Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Fancy Keepsake
03-04-860 Black Victorian Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-865 Chocolate Raspberry Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-880 Pink Chandelier Earrings, Raspberry Ice
03-04-895 Miyuki and Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-905 Pink & Blush Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-910 Black Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-915 Purple Velvet Mini Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-925 Olivine Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-935 Ruby-Rose Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-937 Fuchsia-Jet Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-939 Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Blue Glacier
03-04-941 Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Forest Collection
03-04-943 Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Heat Collection
03-04-945 Swarovski Crystal Earrings, Lakeshore Collection
03-04-947 Swarovski Crystal Earrings, Passion Collection
03-04-949 Swarovski Crystal Earrings, Sonoran Collection
03-04-951 Swarovski Crystal Earrings, Tenderness Collection
03-04-956 Circle Top Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-960 Fancy Triangle Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-04-965 Yellow Crystal Chandelier Earrings

Crystal Drop Earrings
03-04-056 Wavy Drop Earrings
03-04-060 Spiral Drop Earrings
03-04-225 Filigree Bell Drop Earrings
03-04-235 Ring Drop Crystal Earrings
03-04-240 Fancy Oval Drop Earrings
03-04-305 Scrolled Drop Earrings
03-04-436 Victorian Crystal Drop Earrings
03-04-445 Teardrop Crystal Earrings
03-04-450 Double Heart Crystal Drop Earrings
03-04-455 Scroll Drop Crystal Earrings
03-04-460 Wavy Drop Crystal Earrings
03-04-465 Square Drop Crystal Earrings
03-04-470 Heart Drop Crystal Earrings
03-04-480 Spiral Drop Crystal Earrings
03-04-490 Filigree Bell Drop Earrings
03-04-500 Fancy Oval Drop Earrings
03-04-520 Key Drop Earrings
03-04-540 Victorian Drop Earrings
03-04-560 Wavy Drop Earrings
03-04-580 Heart Drop Earrings
03-04-600 Square Drop Crystal Earrings
03-04-620 Spiral Drop Crystal Earrings
03-04-640 Fancy Oval Crystal Drop Earrings
03-04-660 Scroll Drop Crystal Earrings
03-04-725 Scrolled Drop Earrings
03-04-780 Beaded Teardrop Drop Earrings
03-04-784 Black Crystal Earrings, Minuet Tear Drop
03-04-785 Teardrop Crystal Earrings
03-04-791 Flower Petal Crystal Drop Earrings
03-04-793 Hugs & Kisses Crystal Drop Earrings
03-04-796 Fancy Bar Crystal Drop Earrings
03-04-799 Kindred Hearts Crystal Drop Earrings
03-04-801 Scrolled Heart Crystal Drop Earrings
03-04-805 Bow & Flower Petal Crystal Drop Earrings
03-04-811 Simply Stated Crystal Earrings

Gemstone Beaded Earrings
Amethyst Beaded Earrings
05-01-10 Amethyst Rondelle Earrings
05-01-15 Amethyst Rectangle Earrings
05-01-20 Amethyst Barrel Earrings
05-01-30 Amethyst Round Earrings
Aventurine Beaded Earrings
05-02-100 Flat Oval Aventurine Earrings
05-02-200 Aventurine & Black Onyx Earrings
05-02-220 Aventurine Hoop Earrings
05-02-300 Aventurine Barrel Earrings
05-02-400 Aventurine Gemstone Earrings
05-02-410 Aventurine Donut Earrings
Azurite Beaded Earrings
05-03-100 Malachite & Onyx Gemstone Earrings
05-03-110 Beaded Malachite Drops
05-03-200 Azurite Gemstone Earrings
05-03-300 Malachite Hoop Earrings
Blue Jean Beaded Earrings
05-04-100 Flat Oval Sodalite Gemstone Earrings
05-04-200 Sodalite Squat, Gemstone Earrings
05-04-220 Flat Oval Sodalite Earrings
05-04-300 Sue's Blue Sodalite Gemstone Earrings
05-04-400 Square Sodalite Gemstone Earrings
05-04-420 Sodalite Stick Gemstone Earrings
05-04-430 Sodalite & Jade Blue Jean Earrings
Goldstone Beaded Earrings
05-05-100 Goldstone Chicklet Earrings
05-05-200 Goldstone Round Earrings
05-05-300 Goldstone Lantern Earrings
Jade Beaded Earrings
05-06-105 Green Jade Teardrop Earrings
05-06-120 Red Round-A-Bout Earrings
05-06-130 Hot Pink Candy Jade Earrings, Chain Drop
05-06-155 Oval Candy Jade Earrings
05-06-160 Hot Pink Candy Jade Earrings, Mini Drop
05-06-165 Blue Round-A-Bout Earrings
05-06-175 Hot Pink Candy Jade Chandelier Earrings
05-06-200 Hot Pink Candy Jade Earrings with Crystals
05-06-225 Lavender Jade Earrings
05-06-245 Turquoise Jade Earrings, Chain Drop
05-06-250 Turquoise Jade Earrings, Mini Drop
05-06-255 Red Jade Earrings, Mini Drop
05-06-260 Red Jade Earrings, Chain Drop
05-06-270 Red Jade Earrings, Tube Drop
05-06-275 Green Jade Beaded Earrings
Coral Beaded Earrings
05-07-100 Coral Carousel Chandelier Earrings
05-07-110 Coral Chandelier Earrings
05-07-120 Coral Chain Earrings
05-07-130 Coral Chandelier Earrings
MOP-Shell Beaded Earrings
05-08-100 Mother-of-Pearl Earrings, White Oval
05-08-200 White Mother-of-Pearl Mini Earrings
05-08-300 Mother-of-Pearl Earrings, White Exclamation
05-08-400 Black & White MOP Earrings
05-08-410 Fancy Cut-Out MOP Shell Earrings
05-08-420 Lime Green MOP Donut Earrings
05-08-430 White Cut-out MOP Earrings
05-08-440 Yellow MOP Donut Earrings
05-08-700 Hot Pink Shell Earrings
05-08-800 Purple Shell Earrings
05-08-810 Pink & Purple Shell Earrings
05-08-820 Olive Green Shell Earrings
05-08-840 White Diamond Shaped Shell Earrings
05-08-845 Pink Mother-of-Pearl Earrings
05-08-850 Mother of Pearl Filigree Teardrop Earrings
Onyx Beaded Earrings
05-09-090 Black Onyx Bell Flower Earrings
05-09-095 Black Onyx Chain Earrings
05-09-115 Green Onyx Chain Earrings
05-09-120 Green Onyx Mini Earrings
05-09-300 Black Onyx Earrings with Crystal & Rhinestone
05-09-400 Black Onyx & MOP Rice Earrings
05-09-600 Black Onyx & Crystal Earrings
05-09-700 Black Onyx & Crystal Earrings
05-09-720 Black Onyx Mini Earrings
05-09-740 Black Onyx Hoop Earrings
05-09-750 Black Onyx Sunburst Earrings
05-09-760 Grand Duchess, Black Onyx Earrings
05-09-770 Black Onyx & Pearl Earrings
05-09-776 Black Onyx Puffed Flat Oval Earrings
Quartz Beaded Earrings
05-14-100 Purple Quartz Chandelier Earrings
05-14-120 Beaded Ring Drop, Purple Quartz Earrings
05-14-125 Purple Quartz & Crystal Chandelier Earrings
Tiger Eye Beaded Earrings
05-10-100 Tiger Eye Tube Earrings
05-10-200 Red Tiger Eye Earrings
05-10-300 Tiger Eye Trio Earrings
05-10-400 Tiger Eye Donut Earrings
Turquoise Beaded Earrings
05-11-100 Turquoise Earrings, stacked chips
05-11-150 Turquoise Chandelier Earrings
05-11-200 Turquoise & Sterling Silver Earrings
05-11-210 Turquoise Filigree Teardrop Earrings
Unakite Beaded Earrings
05-12-100 Flat Oval Unakite Earrings
05-12-200 Unakite Stick Earrings
05-12-220 Unakite Donut Earrings
05-12-300 Faceted Round Unakite Earrings
Indian Agate Beaded Earrings
05-15-100 Indian Agate Cascading Earrings
05-15-110 Indian Agate 1,2,3 Linear Earrings
Russian Serpentine Earrings
05-16-100 Russian Serpentine Gemstone Earrings
05-16-200 Russian Serpentine Donut Earrings

Glass Beaded Earrings
03-01-095 Lime Green Beaded Chandelier Earrings
03-01-096 Lime Green Beaded Hoop Earrings
03-01-100 Mini Crackle Glass Dangle Earrings, emerald/purple
03-01-200 Mini Crackle Glass Dangle Earrings, blue/green/fuchsia
03-01-210 Google Earrings
03-06-160 Red Paisley Dangle Earrings
03-06-165 Long Black Beaded Dangle Earrings
03-01-300 Turquoise Glass Earrings
03-01-400 Black & White Marbled Glass Earrings
03-01-411 Black and White Checkerboard Earrings
03-01-415 Black and White Yin-Yang Beaded Earrings
03-01-500 Red Cathedral Glass Dangle Earrings
03-01-520 Dreamy Green Glass Dangle Earrings
03-01-530 Blue Beaded Hoop Earrings
03-01-535 Green Beaded Hoop Errings
03-01-545 Blue Saucer Earrings
03-01-550 Green Beaded Saucer Earrings
03-01-600 Turquoise Czech Crystal Dangle Earrings
03-01-605 Turquoise Czech Crystal Hoop Earrings
03-01-610 Turquoise Crystal Chandelier Earrings
03-01-640 Pink & Fuchsia Beaded Crystal Hoop Earrings
03-01-650 Pink and Fuchsia Crystal Earrings
03-01-700 Pink and Fuchsia Crystal Dangle Earrings
03-01-720 Purple Confetti Glass Dangle Earrings
03-01-725 Lime Green Czech Glass Earrings
03-01-730 Raspberry Glass Dangle Earrings
03-01-735 Sapphire Shapes Glass Earrings
03-01-745 Pink CZ Earrings
03-01-750 Emerald Green CZ Earrings
03-01-760 Grand Duchess Glass Pearl Earrings
03-01-765 Pink Spiral Blown Glass Earrings
03-01-770 Pink CZ Dangle Earrings
03-01-775 Purple CZ Heart Earrings
03-01-780 Yellow CZ Heart Earrings
03-01-790 Black & Silver Cathedral Glass Earrings
03-01-800 Fancy Blue Crackle Glass Heart Earrings
03-01-810 Royal Cathedral Glass Chandelier Earrings
03-01-820 Hand Painted Turquoise Heart Earrings
03-01-830 Long Red Dangle Earrings
03-01-840 Pink Teardrop Glass Earrings
03-01-850 Brown Glass Barrel Earrings
03-01-855 Yellow Celestial Glass Beaded Earrings
03-01-856 Yellow Celestial Glass Beaded Hoop Earrings
03-01-860 White Kite Earrings
03-06-100 Purple Swirl Glass Earrings
03-06-110 Aventurina Lentil Glass Earrings
03-06-120 Green Swirl Glass Earrings
03-06-130 Royal Blue Swirl Glass Earrings
03-06-140 Navy and White Stripe Glass Earrings
03-06-150 Chocolate-Caramel Twisted Glass Earrings
03-06-155 Black & Blue Swirly Disc Glass Earrings
03-06-161 Red and Black Glass Earrings
03-06-166 Green Striped Teardrop Earrings
03-07-100 Bumpy Black & Red Glass Earrings
03-07-200 Bumpy Blue & Green Glass Earrings
03-07-300 Bumpy Black & White Glass Earrings

Lampwork Glass Beaded Earrings
03-02-100 Czech Rose Buds, sapphire glass earrings
03-02-120 Swirled Lampwork Glass Earrings
03-02-150 Rose Lampwork Glass Earrings
03-02-200 Czech Victorian Garden, white glass earrings
03-02-300 Czech Victorian Garden, sapphire glass earrings
03-02-320 Blue Swirl Lampwork Glass Earrings
03-02-330 Black & White Checkerboard Lampwork Glass Earrings
03-02-340 Turquoise Swirl Lampwork Glass Earrings
03-02-400 Czech Rose Buds, Emerald Glass Earrings
03-02-401 Emerald Rose Bud Glass Earrings
03-02-500 Czech Rose Buds, cobalt blue glass earrings
03-02-501 Cobalt Blue Beaded Glass Earrings
03-02-600 Pink Lampwork Glass Earrings
03-02-700 White Floral Lampwork Glass Earrings
03-02-800 Baby Blue Rosebud Beaded Earrings
03-02-850 White Tulip Lampwork Glass Earrings
03-02-900 Amethyst Floral Lampwork Glass Earrings
03-02-910 Seafoam Green Rosebud Earrings
03-02-920 Cobalt Floral Lampwork glass earrings
03-02-930 Lilac Floral Lampwork Glass Earrings
03-02-945 Black & Red Floral Lampwork Glass Earrings
03-02-950 Western Lampwork Cube Earrings
03-03-100 Rose Floral Matte Tube Earrings
03-03-200 Peridot Floral Matte Tube Earrings
03-03-300 Sapphire Floral Matte Tube Earrings
03-03-400 White Floral Matte Tube Earrings

Millefiori Glass Beaded Earrings
03-05-100 Millefiori Glass Earrings, Black Ovals
03-05-200 Millefiori Earrings, Multi Oval
03-05-300 Millefiori Earrings, Twisted Turquoise Nuggets
03-05-400 Millefiori Earrings, Twisted Lt Aqua Nuggets
03-05-500 Millefiori Earrings, Royal Rectangle
03-05-520 Millefiori Earrings, Yellow Chain Drop
03-05-600 Millefiori Earrings, Orange Square
03-05-620 Millefiori Earrings, Green Cube
03-05-630 Red Millefiori Earrings
03-05-640 Cobalt Flat Diamond Millefiori Earrings
03-05-650 Millefiori Earrings, Yellow Disc & Cube
03-05-660 Millefiori Chandelier Earrings
03-05-670 Foil Lined Baby Blue Millefiori Earrings
03-05-680 Red Millefiori Heart Earrings

Pearl Glass Beaded Earrings
07-05-100 Long Lilac Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-105 Dreamy Lilac Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-110 Classic Lilac Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-115 Lilac Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-180 Long Pink Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-185 Dreamy Pink Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-190 Classic Pink Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-200 Pink Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-220 White Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-240 Long White Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-225 Classic White Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-280 White Tiffany Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-260 Long Ivory Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-265 Dreamy Ivory Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-269 Classic Ivory Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-275 Ivory Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-285 Lilac Tiffany Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-290 Ivory Tiffany Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-295 Pink Tiffany Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-298 Baby Blue Tiffany Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-300 Long Baby Blue Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-305 Dreamy Baby Blue Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-310 Traditional Baby Blue Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-315 Classic Baby Blue Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-400 Long Yellow Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-420 Dreamy Yellow Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-440 Classic Yellow Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-460 Yellow Tiffany Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-500 Long Mint Green Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-520 Dreamy Mint Green Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-540 Classic Mint Green Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-560 Mint GreenTiffany Glass Pearl Earrings
07-05-900 Pearl Cluster Stud Earrings

Wooden Beaded Earrings
01-02-100 Blue Wooden Beaded Hoop Earrings
Green Wooden Beaded Hoop Earrings
Magenta Wooden Beaded Hoop Earrings


Hoop Earrings
Hoop Earrings
Dangling Orange Triangle Hoop Earrings
Dangling Yellow Triangle Hoop Earrings
Black & White Teardrop Hoop Earrings
Green Teardrop Hoop Earrings
Yellow Polk-A-Dot Hoop Earrings
Twisted White Enamel Hoop Earrings
Twisted Black Enamel Hoop Earrings
Green Rhinestone Acrylic Hoop Earrings
Hoop Earrings, Green Stripe with Crystals
Big Purple Hoop Earrings
Purple Post & Hoop Earrings
Black Teardrop Hoop Earrings with Rhinestone

Jeweled Earrings
01-04-100 Jeweled Muti-Colored Sunburst Earrings
01-04-105 Jeweled Blue Sunburst Earrings
01-04-110 White Jib Jeweled Earrings
01-04-115 Blue Jib Jeweled Earrings
01-04-120 Mulit-colored Jeweled Earring Hoops
01-04-125 Green and Fuchsia Jeweled Earring Hoops
01-04-130 Khaki Green Oval Jeweled Earrings
01-04-140 Pink and Seafoam Jeweled Dangle Earrings
01-04-145 Turquoise Jeweled Dangle Earrings
01-04-150 Hooped Teardrop Jeweled Earrings
01-04-155 Black Hoop Jeweled Earrings
01-04-160 Chocolate-Khaki Jeweled Galaxy Earrings
01-04-165 Purple Crescent Jeweled Earrings
01-04-170 Burnt Orange Gold Crescent Jeweled Earrings
01-04-175 Green and Yellow Sunflower Jeweled Earrings
01-04-180 Multi-Colored Dangle Jeweled Earrings
01-04-185 Khaki-Orange-Purple Jeweled Dangle Earrings
01-04-190 Turquoise-Coral Jeweled Dangle Earrings

Metal Drop Earrings
04-02-100 Black & White Flower Earrings
04-02-120 Green Daisy Flower Earrings
04-02-130 Pink Daisy Flower Earrings
04-02-140 Purple Daisy Flower Earrings
04-02-150 White Daisy Flower Earrings
04-02-300 Teal Enamel Hoop Earrings
04-02-340 Purple Open Marquise Earrings
04-02-160 Baby Blue Daisy Flower Earrings
04-02-310 White Enameled Teardrop Earrings
04-02-170 Yellow Daisy Flower Earrings
04-02-330 Red Hat Crystal & Teardrop Earrings
04-02-320 Enameled Yellow Heart Earrings
04-02-335 Stretched Open Teardrop Earrings
04-02-345 Silver Square Earrings
04-02-350 Silver Go-go Marquise Earrings
04-02-355 18Kt Gold Kite Earrings
04-02-360 Laugh Often, Love Much Earrings
04-02-365 Double Eights Pewter Earrings
04-02-370 Filigree Kite Earrings
04-02-375 Pink and Blue Drop Earrings
04-02-380 Trendy Aluminum Cuts Dangle Earrings, Red
04-02-381 Trendy Aluminum Cuts Dangle Earrings, Silver
04-02-382 Trendy Aluminum Cuts Dangle Earrings, Gold
04-02-383 Trendy Aluminum Cuts Dangle Earrings, Blue

Non-Pierced Hoops
Non-Pierced 15mm Hoop Earrings
Non-Pierced 20mm Hoop Earrings (Silver)
Non-Pierced 25mm Hoop Earrings
Non-Pierced 13mm Hoop Earrings
Non-Pierced Hoop Earrings with Beads
Non-Pierced 25mm Gold Hoop Earrings
Non-Pierced 35mm Gold Hoop Earrings

Rhinestone Earrings
04-03-120 Blue Sapphire Rhinestone Chandelier Earrings
04-03-140 Black Rhinestone Post Earrings
04-03-160 Clear Rhinestone AB Chandelier Earrings
04-03-180 Pink Chandelier Rhinestone Earrings
04-03-240 Gold and Red Chandelier Rhinestone Earrings
04-03-260 Blue Zircon Chandelier Rhinestone Earrings
04-03-280 Smoky Black Rhinestone Earrings
04-03-300 Red Fan Chandelier Rhinestone Earrings
04-03-340 Rhinestone Earrings, Smokey Black Chandelier Fans
04-03-360 Rhinestone Chandelier Earrings, Peridot
04-03-380 Rhinestone Chandelier Earrings, Trendy Copper
04-03-385 Pink Rhinestone Fashion Earrings
04-03-390 Long Red Crystal Post Earrings
04-03-400 Clear Rhinestone Hook & Hoop Earrings
04-03-410 2-Line Clear Crystal Rhinestone Earrings
04-03-430 Black Chandelier Rhinestone Earrings
04-03-440 Long Black Crystal Post Earrings
4-03-450 Clear Crystal Long Teardrop Earrings
04-04-320 Bright Blue Zircon Teardrop Hoop Earrings


Christmas Earrings - Holiday Earrings
Snowy Christmas Tree Earrings
06-01-100 Holiday Bow Earrings, Red
06-01-110 Green Holiday Bow Earrings
06-01-115 Christmas Bell Earrings
06-01-120 Green Bow Earrings
06-01-130 Swarovski Crystal Holiday Bow Earrings, red teardrop
06-01-132 Christmas Reindeer Earrings with Crystals
06-01-131 Snowflake Earrings with Crystals
06-01-133 Fancy Snowman Earrings
06-01-135 Hearts & Angels Christmas Earrings
06-01-137 Christmas Ice Skate Earrings
06-01-140 Christmas Tree Earrings
06-01-145 Christmas Wreath Earrings
06-01-150 Christmas Holly Earrings
06-01-155 Christmas Snowman Earrings
06-01-160 SSE Rudolph Earrings
06-01-165 SSE Christmas Sleigh Earrings
06-01-166 Snowman Earrings, Sugary Blue
06-01-167 Snowman Earrings, Sugary Red
06-01-168 Sugary White Angel Earrings
06-01-169 Sugary Blue Angel Earrings
06-01-170 SS Filigree Angel Charm Earrings
06-01-175 Sterling Silver Christmas Tree Earrings
06-01-180 Up-sized Xmas, Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings
06-01-185 Crystal Chandelier Christmas Earrings
06-01-190 SSE Goody Stocking, Christmas Earrings
06-01-195 SSE Candy Cane, Christmas Earrings
06-01-200 Pearl Snowman Earrings
06-01-202 Red & Green Bell Earrings
06-01-203 Blue & Silver Christmas Bell Earrings
06-01-205 Jolly Penguin Earrings
06-01-210 Swarovski Crystal Christmas Earrings, red & green bicones
06-01-215 Swarovski Crystal Christmas Earrings, green & red bicones
06-01-220 Frosty Snowflake Earrings
06-01-225 Starry Snowflake Earrings with Crystals
06-01-227 Blue Ice Snowflake Earrings
06-01-229 Crystal Ice Snowflake Earrings
06-01-230 Beaded Christmas Tree Earrings
06-01-235 Sugar Cookie Christmas Tree Earrings
06-01-240 SSE Wreath Earrings with Big Red Bows
06-01-245 Christmas Tree Earrings with gifts
06-01-270 SSE Santa Earrings
06-01-280 SSE Lit-up Rudolph Christmas Earrings
06-01-290 SSE Christmas Bulb Earrings
06-01-310 Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree Earrings
06-01-300 Swarovski Crystal Holiday Earrings, Stacked Gifts
06-01-330 Christmas Poinsettia Earrings
06-01-340 Mini Christmas Chandelier Earrings
06-01-350 Long Crystal Christmas Earrings
06-01-360 Jingle Bell Christmas Earrings
06-01-370 Filigree Christmas Wreath Earrings
06-01-375 Sterling Silver Snowflake Earrings with Crystals
06-01-380 Nutcracker Christmas Earrings
06-01-385 Christmas Candle Earrings
06-01-390 Sugary White Mini Snowflake Earrings
06-01-400 Sugary White Snowflake Earrings
06-01-410 Diamond Cut Holiday Wreath Earrings
06-01-420 Lacy Christmas Wreath Earrings
06-01-430 Stardust Ornament Earrings
06-01-440 Ginger Bread Cookie Earrings
06-01-450 Poinsettia Stud Christmas Earrings
06-01-455 Sugary Christmas Dove Earrings
06-01-460 Christmas Gift Earrings
06-01-465 Poinsettia Cluster Clip-on Earrings
06-01-480 Christmas Rudolph Earrings
06-01-500 Crystal Candy Cane Earrings
06-01-510 Candy Cane Christmas Earrings
06-01-520 Fancy Penguin Earrings
06-01-525 Dapper Snowman Earrings
06-01-530 Contemporary Christmas Tree Earrings
06-01-535 Beaded Angel Earrings
06-01-540 Christmas Holly Earrings
06-01-545 Poinsettia Christmas Earrings
06-01-550 Christmas Angel Earrings
06-01-560 Guardian Angel Earrings
06-01-565 Crystal Chandelier Christmas Earrings
06-01-570 Silver Chandelier Christmas Earrings
06-01-575 Red and White Argyle Christmas Stocking Earrings
06-01-580 Silver Snowflake Earrings
06-01-585 Pearl Wreath Stud Earrings
06-01-590 Silver Poinsettia Earrings
06-01-595 Red Poinsettia Earrings
06-01-600 Icicle Earrings
06-01-605 Holly and Bows Clip-on Christmas Earrings
06-01-10 Candy Cane Post Christmas Earrings
06-01-615 Festive Snowman Earrings

Easter Earrings
06-05-098 Resin Easter Bunny Earrings
06-05-125 SSE Pink Easter Egg Charm Earrings
06-05-130 SSE Teal & Blue Easter Egg Charm Earrings
06-05-340 Pearl Bunny Earrings
06-05-100 SSE Flower Earrings
06-05-300 Easter Bunny Earrings, Purple Bow and Basket
06-05-306 Easter Bunny Earrings, Garden Party
06-05-310 Bunny Basket Easter Earrings
06-05-315 Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Earrings
06-05-132 SSE Black Crosslet Cross Earrings
06-05-133 Tiny Cross Threader Earrings
06-05-134 Sterling Halo Cross Earrings
06-05-131 Infinity Cross Earrings
06-05-320 Easter Egg Earrings with Crystals
06-05-325 Easter Rabbit Earrings
06-05-330 Easter Bunny Post Earrings, Egg Bouquet
06-05-335 Bunny Egg Post Earrings
06-05-135 SSE Easter Bunny Charm Earrings
06-05-137 Floppy-Eared Bunny Earrings
06-05-140 SSE Daisy Charm Earrings
06-05-145 SSE P&P Butterfly Charm Earrings
06-05-150 Purple Petals & Crystal Flower Earrings
06-05-155 Aqua Petals & Crystal Flower Earrings
06-05-170 Easter Basket Earrings
06-05-250 Sterling Silver Cross Earrings
06-05-260 Spring Flowers Post Earrings
06-05-265 Cascading Blue Flower Post Earrings
06-05-270 Easter Bunny Clip-on Earrings
06-05-280 Easter Bunny Stud Earrings
06-05-900 Chevron Easter Egg Earrings
06-05-910 Enameled Easter Bunny Earrings
06-05-930 Easter Chick Earrings
06-05-940 Green Enamel Easter Egg Earrings

Halloween Earrings
06-20-100 SS Jack O'Witch Pumpkin Earrings
06-20-210 Magical Black Cat Earrings
06-20-115 PP Halloween Ghost Earrings
06-20-117 SSE Halloween Witch Earrings
06-20-120 SSE Halloween Ghost Earrings
06-20-125 SSE Halloween Boo Ghost Earrings
06-20-130 PP Spider Earrings
06-20-135 SSE Halloween Spider Earrings
06-20-145 PP Scarecrow Earrings
06-20-147 Painted Scarecrow Earrings
06-20-150 SSE Halloween Bat Earrings
06-20-160 Candy Corn Earrings
06-20-165 Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin Earrings
06-20-170 RIP Halloween Earrings
06-20-175 Magic Broom Halloween Earrings
06-20-190 Skull Earrings
06-20-185 3-D Jack O'Witch Pumpkin Earrings
06-20-200 Halloween Skeleton Earrings
06-20-060 Green Witch Halloween Earrings
06-20-090 Golden Jack-O-Witch Halloween Earrings
06-20-155 SSE Black Cat Halloween Earrings
06-20-215 Pearl Spider Earrings
06-20-070 Black Cat and Pumpkin Halloween Earrings

Hanukkah Earrings
Menorah Earrings
Blue Star of David Earrings
Hamesh Hand Earrings
Hamesh Hand Earrings
Crystal Torah Earrings
Silver Star of David Earrings
Blue Ornament Earrings
06-01-295 SSE Pretty Blue Present Earrings

Mardi Gras Earrings
06-04-100 Mardi Gras Jeweled Crown Earrings
06-04-110 Mardi Gras Umbrella Earrings
06-04-120 Marti Gras Fleur De Lis Earrings
06-04-130 Mardi Gras Comedy -Tragedy Earrings
06-04-140 Mardi Gras Purple Crown Earrings
06-04-150 Royal Venetian Jester, Mardi Gras Earrings
06-04-160 Carnival Jester, Mardi Gras Earrings
06-04-170 Mardi Gras Chandelier Earrings

Patriotic Earrings
06-06-100 Star Cluster Patriotic Post Earrings
06-06-111 SSE Rocket's Red Glare Mini Patriotic Earrings
06-06-125 SSE Mini Stars & Stripes Patriotic Earrings
06-06-130 SSE Patriotic Ribbon Earrings
06-06-135 Patriotic Open Star Earrings
06-06-140 SSE Mini Uncle Sam Hat Patriotic Earrings
06-06-145 SSE Angels & Hearts Patriotic Earrings
06-06-147 Patriotic Linked Stars Post Earrings
06-06-155 Fancy Filigree Patriotic Earrings
06-06-160 USA Twinkle Star Earrings
06-06-165 Glory Glass Stardrop, Patriotic Earrings
06-06-170 Gold Star Cluster Patriotic Earrings
06-06-200 Big Star Patriotic Earrings
06-06-220 Patriotic Circle Star Earrings
06-02-480 True Blue Cluster Heart Earrings
03-04-160 Red, White & Blue Patriotic Crystal Earrings
05-09-500 Chevron Patriotic Beaded Earrings
06-06-210 Beaded Patriotic Star Earrings
06-06-230 Patriotic Snowman Stud Earrings
06-06-245 Stars & Stripes Ribbon Earrings
06-06-250 USA Patriotic Earrings
06-06-255 Patriotic Heart Earrings
06-06-260 Red, White & Blue Star Post Earrings
06-06-265 Stars and Stripes Post Earrings
06-06-275 Stars and Stripes Patriotic Heart Earrings
06-06-280 Patriotic Crystal Earrings

St. Patrick's Day Earrings
06-03-100 Shamrock Drop Earrings
06-03-110 SSE Shamrock Earrings
06-03-120 SSE Derby & Pipe Earrings
06-03-125 Leprechaun Earrings
06-03-130 SSE Mini Irish Heart Earrings
06-03-135 Trinity Knot Earrings
06-03-140 Lucky Horseshoe Earrings
06-03-145 Celtic Braid St Patrick's Day Earrings
06-03-150 Claddagh Earrings
03-04-435 Green Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Emerald & Lt Emerald
06-03-160 Good Luck Horseshoe & Clover Earrings

Thanksgiving Day Earrings
06-21-090 Thanksgiving Turkey Earrings
06-21-100 PP Wishbone Earrings
06-21-120 Friends- Family- Love Thanksgiving Earrings
06-21-130 Believe- Faith- Prayer Thanksgiving Earrings
06-21-150 Pilgrim Earrings
06-21-170 Tom Turkey Thanksgiving Earrings
06-21-180 Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Earrings
06-21-185 Autumn Wreath Earrings
06-21-190 Acorn Earrings

Valentine's Day Earrings
06-02-60 Simply Sweet Valentine Heart Earrings
06-02-100 Clear CZ Curved Open Heart Valentine Earrings
06-02-110 Contemporary & Colorful Open Heart Valentine Earrings
06-02-120 SSE Beaded Red Valentine Heart Earrings
06-02-125 SSE Black Heart Valentine Earrings
06-02-140 Sterling Silver Heart Earrings
06-02-150 Kindred Hearts Valentine Earrings
06-02-370 Red Crystal Valentine Heart Earrings
06-02-385 SS Pink Crystal Valentine Heart Earrings
06-02-390 SSE Hearts & Roses Valentine Earrings
06-02-400 SSE XXOO Valentine Heart Earrings
06-02-405 Navy Blue Heart Earrings
06-02-410 SS Open Heart Chain Drop Earrings, blue or pink
06-02-420 Red Heart Trio, Valentine Earrings
06-02-425 SSE Turquoise Heart Earrings
06-02-430 SS Clear Crystal Heart Stud Earrings
06-02-435 Open Heart Chain Drop Earrings, white
06-02-442 Crystal Valentine Earrings
06-02-445 Pink CZ Heart Earrings
06-02-450 Pink Heart Earrings with Crystals
06-02-460 SSE Red Cordial Valentine Heart Earrings
06-02-490 Rainbow Heart Valentine's Day Earrings
06-02-500 Victorian Caged Heart Earrings
06-02-505 Red Crystal Cone & Heart Earrings
06-02-510 Blue Key to my Heart Earrings
06-02-515 Puffed Valentine Heart Earrings
06-02-520 Kisses, Hugs and Crystal Love Earrings
06-02-525 XOX Mini Valentine Love Earrings
06-02-530 Arrow Drop Crystal Heart Earrings
06-02-535 Tilted Fancy Heart Earings
06-02-540 Forever One Linked Heart Earrings
06-02-545 Scrolled Open Heart Earrings
06-02-550 Enameled Mini Heart Earrings
06-02-555 Hearts & Pearls Chandelier Post Earrings
06-02-560 Red Striped Heart Earrings
06-02-570 Red Heart Cluster Drop Earrings
06-02-575 Swarovski Wild Red Heart Crystal Earrings
06-02-580 Pink Swarovski Wild Heart Crystal Earrings
06-02-585 Copper Beaded Heart Earrings


Awareness Ribbon Earrings
Pink Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Earrings With Crystals
Pink "Cure" Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Earrings
Autism Awareness Puzzle Earrings
Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Earrings
Down Syndrome Awareness Earrings
Blue Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Green Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Red Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Red Ribbon Awareness Earrings With Crystals
Lime Green Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Purple Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Lavender Ribbon Awareness Earrings
White Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Silver Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Love and Support Crystal Heart Earrings
"Believe" Affirmation Charm Earrings
Black Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Yellow Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Gold Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Yellow Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Yellow Ribbon Awareness Earrings with Stars
Teal Ribbon Awareness Earrings

Bridal Earrings
07-01-100 Forevermore Crystal Bridal Earrings
07-01-200 Crystal Teardrop Bridal Earrings
07-01-300 Bridal Earrings, Pearl Passion
07-01-400 Dancing Crystal Bridal Earrings
07-01-500 Magic Crystal Bridal Earrings
07-01-600 Tiffany Mini Crystal Bridal Earrings
07-01-700 Sweetheart Crystal Bridal Earrings
07-01-800 Bridal Veil Crystal Chandelier Earrings

NFL Logo Earrings
Chicago Bears NFL Logo Earrings
Cincinnati Bengals NFL Logo Earrings
Buffalo Bills NFL Logo Earrings
Denver Broncos NFL Logo Earrings
Cleveland Browns NFL Logo Earrings
Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Logo Earrings
Arizona Cardinals NFL Logo Earrings
San Diego Chargers NFL Logo Earrings
Kansas City Chiefs NFL Logo Earrings
Indianapolis Colts NFL Logo Earrings
Dallas Cowboys NFL Logo Earrings
Miami Dolphins NFL Logo Earrings
Philadelphia Eagles NFL Logo Earrings
Atlanta Falcons NFL Logo Earrings
San Francisco 49ers NFL Logo Earrings
New York Giants NFL Logo Earrings
Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Logo Earrings
New York Jets NFL Logo Earrings
Detroit Lions NFL Logo Earrings
Green Bay Packers NFL Logo Earrings
Carolina Panthers NFL Logo Earrings
New England Patriots NFL Logo Earrings
Oakland Raiders NFL Logo Earrings
St. Louis Rams NFL Logo Earrings
Baltimore Ravens NFL Logo Earrings
Washington Reds NFL Logo Earrings
New Orleans Saints NFL Logo Earrings
Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Logo Earrings
Houston Texans NFL Logo Earrings
Tennessee Titans NFL Logo Earrings
Minnesota Vikings NFL Logo Earrings

Novelty Earrings
04-01-080 SSE Red Hat Charm Earrings
04-01-085 SSE Smiley Face Charm Earrings
04-01-090 Red Guitar Earrings
04-01-095 Navy Butterfly Earrings
04-01-100 Ladybug Earrings
04-01-110 Hot Air Balloon Earrings
04-01-120 Pewter Palette Earrings
04-01-124 Bass Clef & Sixteenth Note Earrings
04-01-130 Treble Clef & Eighth Note Earrings
04-01-210 Star & Crystal, Drop Earrings
04-01-220 Gardening Earrings
04-01-225 SS Star Fish Earrings
04-01-230 Funky Black & White Earrings
04-01-235 Funky Green & Blue Earrings
04-01-240 Funky Pink & Purple Soft Spike Earrings
04-01-250 SSE School Bus Charm Earrings
04-01-252 A-B-C Teacher Earrings
04-01-255 Red Apple Earrings
04-01-257 Paint Palette Earrings
04-01-260 SSE Bingo Card Earrings
04-01-263 Playing Cards & Dice Earrings
04-01-265 SSE Dice Charm Earrings
04-01-267 Lucky Aces Playing Card Earrings
04-01-270 Mini Strawberry Earrings
04-01-271 3D Strawberry Earrings
04-01-275 Yellow & Orange Butterfly Earrings
04-01-280 SSE Happy Tooth Earrings
04-01-285 Peek-A-Boo Robin Earrings
04-01-291 Eye Chart Earrings
04-01-295 Yin and Yang Earrings
04-01-305 Chinese Long Life Earrings
04-01-310 Antiqued Silver Lobster Earrings
04-01-320 Caduceus Medical Earrings
04-01-325 Crown Earrings

Sports Earrings
06-11-320 Basketball Earrings with Hoops
06-11-325 Mini Basketball Earrings
06-11-330 SSE Basketball Post Earrings
06-11-300 Beaded Basketball Earrings
06-11-335 Pewter Basketball Earrings
06-09-330 SSE Soccer Ball Post Earrings
06-09-320 Soccer Ball Earrings
06-09-300 Soccer Ball Beaded Earrings
06-10-110 Football Earrings
06-10-120 SSE Football Post Earrings
06-10-100 Football Helmet Earrings
06-10-105 SS Football Helmet Earrings
06-08-300 Beaded Baseball Earrings
06-08-305 Baseball Earrings
06-08-310 Mini Baseball Earrings
06-08-315 Bat and Ball Baseball Earrings
06-17-100 Lacrosse Straight Stick Earrings
06-12-101 Volleyball Earrings
06-12-105 Mini Volleyball Earrings
06-12-110 SSE Volleyball Post Earrings
06-14-100 Bowling Pin Earrings
06-14-105 Bowling Earrings
06-07-110 SS Golf Clubs with Balls
06-07-200 Golf Ball & Tee Earrings
06-13-100 SSE Hot Pink Rollerblade Earrings
06-14-200 Sailboat Earrings
06-14-205 Anchor & Wheel Nautical Earrings
06-14-210 Anchor and Wheel Nautical Earrings
06-15-100 Ballet Slipper Earrings
06-15-110 Ballerina Earrings
06-18-100 8 Ball Earrings
06-16-100 Tennis Racquet Earrings
06-19-100 Checkered Flag Earrings


Clip Earrings
Gold Half-Ball Clip-On Earrings
Silver Half Ball Clip-on Earwires
Gold Pierced-Look Clip Ons
Silver Pierced-Look Clip-on Earrings
Gold Hoop Clip-on Earrings
Silver Hoop Clip-on Earrings

Hook Earrings
Sterling Silver Earring Hooks
Gold Filled Earring Hooks
Sterling Silver Clear CZ Hooks
Gold Hooks with Red CZ Crystals

Hypoallergenic Earrings
Copper Colored Hypoallergenic Niobium Earring Hooks
Gray Hypoallergenic Niobium Earring Hooks
Pink Hypoallergenic Niobium Earring Hooks
Navy Hypoallergenic Niobium Earring Hooks
Green Hypoallergenic Niobium Earring Hooks
Purple Hypoallergenic Niobium Earring Hooks
Turquoise Hypoallergenic Niobium Earring Hooks

Leverback Earrings
Gold Leverbacks
Silver Leverbacks

Post Earrings
Cubic Zirconia Marquise Earring Posts
Gold Ball Earring Posts
Silver Ball Earring Posts
Faceted Diamond Shaped Titanium Earring Posts
Silver Faceted Diamond Shaped Titanium Earring Posts
Gold Duchess Titanium Earring Posts
Silver Duchess Titanium Earring Posts
Gold Empress Titanium Earring Posts
Silver Empress Titanium Earring Posts
Silver Posts with Red CZ Crystals
Silver Posts with Clear CZ Crystals
Gold Posts with Peridot CZ Crystals
Gold Posts with Red CZ Crystals
Gold Posts with Topaz CZ Crystals
Gold Posts with Pink CZ Crystals
Gold Posts with Clear CZ Crystals


Shop By Color
Black Earrings
Blue Earrings
Brown Earrings
Green Earrings
Orange Earrings
Pink Earrings
Purple Earrings
Red Earrings
White Earrings
Yellow Earrings

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Mini Earrings
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