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Customer Reviews

"I have ordered several pairs of earrings from them. They have a good selection of hard-to-find colors and styles and prices are reasonable. Shipping is extremely fast! Highly recommended." Virginia, CA

"Excellent online merchant. Easy to navigate website. Communicated with me about every detail of the transaction, good quality merchandise and prompt shipping -what more could you ask for?" Regina, NC

"Loved the personal touches Barb places! Her website has a place where she answers customers questions and when I received my order, it was accompanied by a nice card and candy. Great touches! Love the earrings and am giving one pair as a gift. I wasnt sure Id give them away since I had never ordered from earrings galore, but after seeing them and wearing my pairs, I feel very good about giving the third pair as a gift. Ill be a repeat customer and have already passed on the link to your site to several friends. Thanks!" Lisa, NC

"The web site was great. I was able to look by style, color, etc. There was a large variety without being too, too much. I placed my order with ease and received my merchandise quickly." Wanda, GA

"It was a pleasure shopping and purchasing from this site. The owner is quick to respond to questions, and shipping couldnt have been any faster. I found the site easy to navigate, but more importantly, I thought the earrings that are being sold on this site were unique and very nice. I loved the attention to detail throughout. The pictures on the site are great resolution, and can therefore be blown way up to see all the details. There are also tools available on the site to show you the exact size of what youre looking at. The fact that the packaging was classy was a nice touch to an already good experience. I hate buying things and having them shipped in beaten up packages. That always makes me feel like I just bought garbage. But, these earrings came packaged beautifully and even had a peronal thank you note included. I absolutely would recommend this merchant." Arlene, DE

"I was having a hard time finding yellow drop earrings in stores. I went on line and still no luck, until I found Earrings Galore. They will custom make them for you at amazing prices and speed. I plan on returning to this site for future purchases."
Janet, FL

"I just received my candy jade earrings and the red jade mini drops. Both are exactly as pictured and described and I am very pleased with all aspects of the transaction." Jennifer

"I just received your 10%/free shipping special - thank you - that will really help out...........and I am sure to place at least 2 more orders by 12/31 (if not more ......thank you for thinking of us! enjoy your halloween." sincerely karyn

"received my new special earrings today and they are absolutely beautiful......they turned out perfect....the millefiori ones are just rite and the chandelier earrings are exactly what i wanted.............thank you so very much" karyn

"Thank you again so much for these! They are just what I wanted and I couldn't find them anywhere! You are great and I will be sure to tell everyone I know about your site! Thanks!" Jenny, OR

"I love the earrings that were purchased and I will be a repeat customer." Sandra, OH

"Thank you for the earrings !! They are perfect, just the right size and color!! Thank you for making them in post, I really appreciate that. Thank you again. Have a great day!" Judy

"Thanks for the quick response. The earrings are perfect. They are for my daughter's prom and she loved them!" Annette

"I got the turquoise drop earrings. They're really pretty & go with the bracelet I have perfectly. I have learned to check out your website when I need earrings to match something.. Thanks!" Kathie

"You are too good to me. May God bless you and your mother and send health and happiness your way. You haven't heard the last from me, I still have lots to choose from to order again. Happy Holidays!" Beth

"Thank you so much for the quick delivery of the 3 pair of earrings. They are so beautiful!" "My sister adores the small green floral and multi-colored cloisonne earrings." Sue

"I just received the small drop earrings today. They're just lovely and the right size for me (who doesn't wear the drop earring look well). So well made and unique because I don't see much cloisonne in the stores for sure. I've added your site to my FAVORITES and I'm sure I'll be ordering in the future. By the way, your packaging is adorable -- the duck and candy -- such homey touches. I also love the name of your town "Baraboo". It conjures images of snow filled fields, sleigh rides, cider and fur rugs ( in caribou) ! Thanks for the promptness. Take care." DEBBIE

"I've been searching the internet as well as my local stores for a pair of earrings for my Mom. Until I found your website, I hadn't come across anything that stood out and said, "buy me." Now I have the opposite problem. I like so many of your earrings, that I'm now agonizing over picking just a couple of pairs! Having spent a number of days and too many hours to count looking for just the right earrings, I can honestly say that you have the nicest ones out there as well as a good variety of styles and colors. FYI - I live in a good size town, and we have 6 big department stores within 3 miles of where I live. So, it's not that I didn't have plenty of earrings to choose from. It's simply that you have the nicest selection I've seen! Tomorrow I am going to get my friend to help me narrow my selections down to 3 or 4 pairs so I can place my order. I wish you good luck with your store. As long as people can find you on the internet, I think you will definitely do well! Take care." Arlene

"Hi Barb, I love your earrings. I will continue to buy more in the future. I have shamrocks and green hearts and lots of St. Patrick's Day earrings, but thanks for the email. I love the earrings that I have bought. Keep up the good work." Joyce

"Dear Barb, With your patience, creativity,support, and input, I finally have an order for you! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was much more than a business transaction and a first for me. I look forward to wearing "our" creations and will spread the word to others who may comment on them. Your busy life (much like the one I retired from a few years ago) inspires me to look into some projects of my own. Continue the good work! Regards." Susanne

"Hi Barb, just wanted to let you know that my bird earrings got here today. I quick put them in. They are the cutest darn, little things that I've ever seen. Beavis, my parrot, thought they looked interesting too. But that issue was stopped immediately. He says "no" when he goes after my jewelry. After he ate a diamond earring, he knows better. Thank you for selling such great earrings. I know I will get a lot of complements on these. I'm known for my unique earrings. Thanks again." Joyce

"Hi Barb, I received my recent order of two earrings from you and would like you to know that I really, really like them! Both of them will go very well with some outfits I have. Thank you so much for all your little personal touches, they are much appreciated. I will definitely be buying from you again… fact I have my eye on some Christmas earrings already. Thank you again,"Pam

"Hi Barb, Just to let you know I got your earrings & they're really pretty! My daughter loves them both too. (That's saying a lot, since she usually says I buy "old lady" stuff. ).. I admire your craftsmanship..Thanks!" Kathie

"First rate transaction. Good email communication. Item well packaged and shipped fast!"Gloria, CA


"Excellent Merchant who worked more than satisfactorily with merchandise that broke." Judith NC

"The earrings came exactly as they were described, and arrived very quickly. I am very pleased, and will go back."
Sharon, OR

"It was a very pleasant experience working with Earrings Galore. She made the earrings just like I wanted and they were shipped ASAP! AAAA service!" Melissa, ID

"I could not have been more pleased with the product and the service. I received my earrings very quickly and I live in Alaska!" Patricia, AK

"Thank you SO MUCH for the cloisonne' earrings. I had lost 1 earring 11 years ago and had been unable to find an earring to match the set. Because of the excellent detail you show in the pictures of your earrings, I was able to make the perfect match for my necklace. The earrings are beautiful! I am going to spread the word here in NH about your website. Thank you again :-)" Donna

"I LOVED the earrings I got from you. Really pretty and not ungodly huge. Will be ordering from you again soon" Shannon

"Thank you for the soccer ball earings, they came on saturday and are beautiful." Teresa

"They are lovely, just the same as they look on the website, so thank you very much indeed! And we're going to our first Christmas party on Sunday, so I can start wearing them then - Monday would have been a bit late late. As I said, it did make it a little expensive with all the postage and customs duty, but as I am delighted with them, that's fine. Well done, good luck with your business, and I hope you all have a very happy Christmas! Best wishes." Melanie, UK

"Wanted to say that the earrings arrived safe and sound with my brother and everyone loved them Hope you had a good Christmas and happy new year. Regards" Lynne

"Thanks for the reindeer earrings; they are perfect. I'm wearing the penguins now since they are winter, not just Christmas." Dana

"Ever vigilant for a new ghost charm I noticed that you named the ghost pendant that I requested after me. You have made my day and I will tell all my friends of your great web site." Patricia "We got the LaVerne's Christmas tree and snowman earrings in the mail today. They are so cute! Thanks a Million." LaVerne

"Wanted to let you know received earrings today. Exactly what I was looking for!" Patricia

"Thank you so much! the earrings are perfect for my bridal party i was so excited to find your sight and have told 2 of my friends about it fot their up coming weddings! Thank You!" Mary

"Got the earrings today and they are gorgeous! They match the dresses perfectly!"Mary

"The third pair of earrings arrived today. I really appreciate your prompt and personal attention to this matter. Good customer service is so important (and unfortunately, rare these days)." Carol

"Your earrings are lovely, my daughter and her friends are all impressed. I will pass on your card to friends and family, keep up the great work!" Annie

"I can tell within 10 minutes whether I can wear a so called "hypoallergenic" earring and yours is the ONLY one that works for me. I can't even wear titanium, which everyone swore I could. I had never heard of niobium before. You actually have a product that WORKS!!!!! After 30 years, I am so excited to be able to wear earrings again -- THANK YOU!!" Ann, NC

"Thanks so much for the darling Halloween spider earrings. They are perfect!! I appreciate how quickly you processed and delivered the order." Gail, CA

"Great website , excellent quality and service. I will be back!" Gertrude, NY

"I placed an order last week and was extremely pleased with the quick delivery and personal touches to the packaging. Great job!" Allison, PA

"What a wonderful surprise to receive my earrings so fast. Nicely boxed. Good quality. Will definely order fron Earrings Galore again." Barbara, WI

"You always have a great collection!" Robert, NJ

"Thank you for the fast service you have provided to me at Christmas time, such a busy time and the earrings I ordered arrived the day before Christmas, my sister was ever so pleased." Judy, Australia

"Your package arrived today. I love the earrings! And thank you for the personal touch in the packaging." Barbara, CA

"THANK YOU!!! It's mom's birthday and I was so excited to find cloissoine earrings that are clips ons! She's been asking for years!" Melanie, CA

"Thank you for so quickly shipping the heart earrings. They are beautiful. I also smiled when opened the box and saw a peppermint candy and a sticker of a friendly puppy. What clever personal touches! I bookmarked your site, so I will return!" Shalom, Carole, WI

"Thank you for the wonderful earrings my wife loves the earrings you provide." Steve, UT

"The seller was very efficient. Merchandise was shipped promptly. Merchandise was quality." Mary, MO

"Wow,that was the fastest shipping ever. Can I say THANX for the special touch, a thankyou, and a cute sticker and candy? These are all amazing lil xtra special touches, and ones I noticed.THANK YOU!! Love the earrings,they are for my mom's bday...LuAnn, NY

"The earrings have arrived and they are beautiful. Prettier than I expected, and dainty as well which is my style. I'm so glad I found your website and can have "fake" pierced ears without the holes! Thanks for your special Easter touches as well." Nancy, NC

"And THANK YOU!!! It's her birthday and I was so excited to find cloissoine earrings that are clips ons! She's been asking for years! Thanks for being flexible! : )" Melanie, CA

"I'd like to commend your company for the excellent service I received with a recent order. My earrings arrived almost before I ordered them, and my order was correct (unlike one from another company with which I recently dealt). Your packaging, complete with stickers and candy, was cute and personalized. Thank you, and keep up the good work!" Melissa, TX

"Before I found your site a few years ago, I was running out of new Christmas and other earings to buy for my wife. I have been buying earings for her 33 years and thanks to you, I will be doing it for many more years without running out of new ideas." Bob, NJ

"I am seriously allergic to a lot of earrings, so I have to stick with real gold or silver. I love the fact that I can get gold filled hooks instead of just gold plated, since they are so much better!" Sheryl, DE

"I first e-mailed this site about a special pair of earrings I needed. I got a response from that e-mail first saying they were expected to arrive that day or so; then I received another response that they arrived and were available and within three days from that time I had them in my hands; and they are as nice as I thought they would be. Good quality merchandise. Wonderful experience with this site. I highly recommend ordering from this site. Yvonne, MI

"I received my earrings today and they are just right for the necklace that I am making for my Mom. The packaging is so cute! I love dogs and my two were looking at the package when I opened it. Thanks for the fun and keep up the good work!" Tracey, TX

"Everything was wonderful In dealing with this merchant." Emily, KY

"It's a great layout for a website - clear and not too cluttered. You can also get to any page from any page, which I really like (from the Hannukah page to the clip on page etc)" Anita

"I purchased the Black Chandelier Rhinestone Earrings, item #04-03-430, a while back after MUCH internet shopping for just the right earrings for a special occasion. I LOVE them!!! Plus, you have a super-easy website to navigate, an amazing selection, good prices, very quick shipping. My earrings are exactly as described and pictured, and were perfect for my outfit. I don't buy jewelry often, but I'll come back to your site when I do." Judy, MO

"Hi Barb, Just wanted to let you know my amethyst earrings arrived today...they are perfect! Thank you so much for taking the time to make them the way I wanted...I am already thinking about my next pair! I'm sure I'll be in touch. Thanks again........."Carol, PA

"Thank you so much for exchanging the basketball earrings and putting the new ones on the ball posts for our neice! They are just perfect, and I can't believe how quickly they arrived even with the Thanksgiving holiday! You are the best. Thanks again," Sue, CO

"I ordered 3 sets of earrings for family Christmas gifts. Snowflakes, snowmen & drop earrings with a blue crystal & snowflake on the end. They are gorgeous and so sweet! Can't wait to give them to my cousin & her daughter this coming Friday. The snowflakes are mine! Thank you again. I'm so pleased. Merry Christmas!" Jean, KY

"Hi Barb! Happy New Year! I just ordered another 4 pairs of earrings. I get so many compliments whenever I wear a pair of your earrings and I just want to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your earrings. They are excellent quality and I have given several as gifts as well!" Maryanne, NJ

"I was looking for a very specific item, and they had lots to choose from. I liked the option to chose what type of ear wire/post you wanted. My order confirmation and shipping info was quick, and the item arrived next day. I chose for the box w/ribbon, and was very pleased with the quality. I'll shop here again!" Lois, MI

"Wonderful service, always extremely helpful and most creative with designs etc. Have recommended Earrings Galore to my friends in AUS." Desley, AU

"Wonderful selection of products, and even made customized design for me. Can't recommend Earrings Galore highly enough. Have bought before and will do again. Thank you." Desley, AU

"I was out of town when my earrings were delivered, but I opened them today and they are perfect. Thank you so much! We talked on the phone before you sent them, but I'm not sure you remember. My daughter is autistic and I wanted a new pair of awareness earrings. Also, her favorite color is purple so being able to pick purple wire was a nice touch. We both absolutely love them. Thank you again!! Susan, GA

"Very pleased with my order. Came quickly and the quality was excellent. Will purchase in the future. Betty, IL

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