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Q and A

Q.The earrings in my cart are gold, but I want the silver pair. What am I doing wrong?
A.You're not doing anything wrong. My site isn't real sophisticated. All that extra "magic" programing is costly and I'd have to double my earring prices to afford it. When an earring is offered in both gold and silver, the 1st picture on the top is the one that appears on the section page and is also the one that appears in your cart. When you select a gold earwire; you will receive the gold earrings. When you select a silver earwire, you will get silver earrings.

Q.What is the drop length?
A. The length of the earring is measured from the bottom loop of the earwire.

Q. Do I have to assemble the earrings myself, or will they arrive ready to wear?
A. Your earrings will arrive ready to wear, assembled with the earwire you selected.
Q. Can I purchase just some pairs of earwires without ordering earrings?
A. No. I stock the various earwires as a courtesy for customers buying earrings. If you need earwires, search for "earring findings" or the specific earwire that you are looking for, and purchase them from a bead store. You can also search "beads" or "bead store."

Q. Can I order just empty gift boxes without earrings?
A. No. I stock the gift boxes as a courtesy for my customers who are purchasing earrings as gifts. If you need gift boxes, search "jewelry packaging" and purchase them from a jewelry supply store.

Q. What do all the abbreviations mean?
A. CZ is Cubic Zirconia
     SS is Sterling Silver
   SSE is Sterling Silver Enamel

METAL SELECTION (gold or silver)
Q. Many of the earrings are offered in either Gold or Silver but there isn't a drop down box to select gold or silver earrings; just gold or silver earwires.
A. When you select one of the gold earwires, you will get them with the gold earrings.
When you select one of the silver earwires, you will get the silver earrings.

Q. How can I tell if the earrings are new or used?
A. ALL of the earrings are new. We don't sell used merchandise.

Q. How do I close the (earwire & gift box) options selector?
A. Click the option you're selecting, click on the X at the bottom of the selector or click in the black area next to the selector.

Q.Is it true that I can order just one replacement earring if I lose one; and the price will be half of the original pair price?
A.Yes you sure can! Just send me an email letting me know which one you need and I'll post a "one earring" option for you to check out with. This offer applies to my handmade beaded earrings only. The charm earrings are purchased in pairs and can't be split up. Sorry about that.

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