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Link Exchange

I would love to exchange links with you. Links between relevant websites are said to be the best for improving search engine placement. HTML for my text and banner ad are provided below. After you have placed one on your website please email me to let me know where it is on your site, and provide me with your HTML. I do reserve the right to decline link exchanges with sites containing objectional or unrelated content, and will also decline link exchanges with foreign sites as I only sell in the USA.

I prefer that you select the text link below. Search engines can't read a graphic banner, so if you do select the banner, you MUST take the text with it.

The URL is

For a text link, copy the code below and paste it into your page's HTML code.

If you would prefer to place my banner ad, use the code below.
Upload the image to your server and repalce the source code with your own.

Using the code above will display this banner:

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